1. What is the order minimum (MOQ)?

We have a low MOQ for our supply, a minimum £3,000 order value for UK destined orders.

The minimum order value for non-UK countries is £5,000.

Payment must be cleared funds in our bank account before we can process the order.

* We can only accept orders for up to 50 liters per order at the moment. If you need more, please place two separate orders. We are working to increase supplies and will issue a notice on our website when this changes.

2. What is the delivery time?

The oils are custom-blended in France from our perfume database and then shipped.

The estimated order processing time after payment is received is around 40–50 days. We keep you notified about shipment updates and tracking details once the order is shipped to you.

Please note that we cannot take orders for a quicker turnaround at this point.

If parts of supplies are waiting for restocking, there can be minor delays.

3. Do you provide samples?

We will soon offer small samples of the oils.

The products are well-known within the professional perfume community.

4. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments by direct transfers or bank transfers. International wholesale orders can be made by SWIFT or IBAN transfers.

For UK based orders, a direct payment to our sort code and account number is sufficient.

Alternatively, upon verification of your order, we can supply a Request Payment notification from our bank. Just leave a note with your order if you prefer this payment method.

5. Do you sell ready-macerated perfumes?

Currently, we only offer the actual perfume oils. We are, however, planning to offer oils pre-mixed with alcohol and ready-macerated in the future.

6. What is the size and packaging?

Our perfume oils currently come in 1 Liter/1000ml ISO heat resistant industrial aluminum bottles with tamper proof cap and seal. We will offer 500mg options soon.

7. How many perfumes can I create from 1000mg/1L/1kg?

It depends on whether you create a cologne, eau de toilette, or eau de parfum and the percentage of oils you add to alcohol.

For example, 1 litre/1kg of perfume oils (1000mg) macerated with alcohol and filled into 100ml bottles should be able to provide you with:

ca. 100 bottles of cologne,
ca. 60-80 eau de toilettes
ca. 40-50 eau de parfums

The higher the grade quality, the lower the oil concentration in alcohol.

8. Do you offer perfume filling, bottling, and packaging services?

No, we are suppliers of raw materials. We do not offer any filling, personalised printing, or packaging manufacturing. For such services, you would be advised to source a cosmetics and perfume filling and packaging service close to your location.

Small startups can order bottles, caps, and spray tops online and get a printer to prepare packaging. For smaller quantities, filling and bottling can be done by hand and don't require industrialised filling services.

9. How can I test the scents?

The ready-perfume blends are widely recognizable and available on the retail market. Alternatively, you can test the scents in the stores to find out how they would smell.

10. How do I prepare the oils for a final perfume?

We are raw material suppliers and, as such, do not provide full perfumery services or consultation.

Ideally, a perfumer should prepare the oils for a final product. However, for small startups, we can provide a basic mix and maceration guideline sheet along with the delivery of your order.

It's important to follow the instructions for the best results. Failure to macerate the product the correct way can alter the scent.

A 7-week minimum maceration period after blending the alcohol is required. That's what provides the maturation phase of the fragrance and the richness and silage.

11. What type of alcohol should be used in perfumes?

To generate high-quality perfumes like the branded ones sold in department stores, use ethanol 96° and up (denatured ethanol B100), safe for skin contact.

Products like 'Perfumers Alcohol' (which are readily available) are poor quality chemicals and have a strong alcohol odour that ruins the scent. You should avoid these alcohol products for perfumes.

12. Do you accept returns and issue refunds?

No, we do not offer returns or refunds. All orders are custom blended and prepared in France for each individual order.

Wholesale goods do not come with returns or refunds. Especially raw materials that are customized.

All sales are final.

13. What if I receive the wrong product or am missing a product?

Products are inspected by us to minimize missing items, leaks, or unforeseen mistakes. If a mistake still slips through the cracks, notify us right away within 36 hours of receiving the goods.

Generally, we offer replacements or refunds for the faulty item, provided the error is not from the logistics company (FedEx) from which you would need to request a refund. With high logistics delays and volumes, errors can be a part of real-life events, although this is very rare.

We decide on the outcome on a case-by-case basis.