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Oil Samples

Oil Samples


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You can order your set samples of our oils. We can provide up to three samples of different grade quality for the scents.

Samples are provided in 5ml each filled in roller bottles.

  • 2 Samples: T5 and M3 Grade Quality  

  • 3 Samples: T5, M4 and M3 Grade Quality.

Please see our FAQ for information about Grade Quality.

* Perfume oils need to be macerated with alcohol for a minimum seven weeks to mature their sillage and depth. Samples are provided in the same raw oil format used by major perfume brands in their production.

Order Minimum

A&O are wholesalers. To purchase from us, the minimum required order quantity is £3,000 plus shipping.

We don't accept credit card payments for bulk orders. When you complete the checkout with the shipping details, an order verification with payment details will be emailed to you.

To finalize the order, please pay the amount due within 7 business days. Orders will not be processed until payment is finalized3


  • Anodized, Industrial Aluminum Bottles with Tamper Proof Cap and Seal
  • ISO Certified
  • AP25/AP28 Light and Heat Resistant

Grade Quality


Made in France

Oil Grade Quality:

(Est. longevity* on clothing after a minimum 7 week maceration. As skin sheds constantly it is not used to assess longevity.)

  • L1 = <up to 5 Hours
  • M2 = <up to 10 Hours
  • M3 = <up to 20 Hours
  • H4 = <up to 30 Hours
  • T5 = >above 30+ Hours

* Proper maceration of the oils is vital and will affect longevity, depth and sillage of a perfume's final product, and should be done professionally.

Oil To Alcohol:

1. Parfum, 20-30%
2. Eau de Parfum, 10-20%
3. Eau de Toilette, 6-15%
4. Eau de Cologne, 2-6%

*The list is a general guideline and may not reflect all fragrance types. Floral top notes have short longevity. The lowest percentage is estimate for T5 grade quality oils.

** Denaturated Alcohol: 99.9% Ethanol, TSDA-1

Perfume Quantity

How many perfumes can you make?

1 litre/1kg of perfume oils (1000mg) macerated with alcohol and filled into 100ml bottles should be able to provide you with:

1. ca. 100 bottles of cologne,
2. ca. 60-80 eau de toilettes
3. ca. 40-50 eau de parfums


All products are made in France and conform with all European and International safety regulations and standards.

The SDS, IFRA and Allergen CLP compliant regulatory documents are prepared for free to the freight carrier with the shipment of the order.

SDS and Hazardous Materials charges and processing is included in the shipping fees.

* We do not provide these documents pre-order.

INCI/CPNP Documentation

If you make your own perfumes and toiletries, you need to have a Cosmetic Safety Assessment placed on your recipes with your brand and company details about your product (for UK and EU residents).

This is also called INCI in the EU and is required to label your product ingredients.

You can find the list of ingredients in the SDS files supplied with the shipping of your order.

Under the 2013 Cosmetic Regulations, before you place the product on the UK or EU market, you should also upload details of the type of product you are supplying, together with your name, company and address details via the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP).

More details on the government website:

And here:

A Cosmetic Safety Assessment can be ordered from:

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